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Victoria Wellness

Rebalance your mind, body and spirit in The Victoria Wellness area.

Taking care of yourself is a lifestyle and our approach is multi-dimensional, blending innovation with tradition to help you look – as well as feel – your absolute best.

Sofitel Warsaw Victoria offers a recreation center, gym, massages, heated pool and relaxing sauna. Discreet lighting and candles create an intimate atmosphere.

After visiting Warsaw or attending business meetings, come and unwind in our gym, open 24/7. Computerized equipment makes planning your exercise session simple.

Relax afterward in the sauna or the pool with magical mirror ceiling. Compliment you visit with our skin-boosting, revitalizing and cleansing rituals and treatments.

The Victoria Wellness Team welcomes you from 7 am to 10 pm Monday to Sunday.

  • art-de-varsovie

    Art de Varsovie

    This ritual manifests the idea of a holistic approach to your body by combining treatments that take care of all your senses and textures. The massage is performed using natural essential oils with therapeutic properties. In...

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  • so-glow

    So Glow

    This soothing ritual includes two phases. The first one is full body exfoliation which prepares your body to immerse in complete relaxation, which occurs in the second phase due to full body relaxing massage. The massage is...

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  • orient-flow-by-victoria

    Orient flow by Victoria

    Balinese massage combines a relaxing massage, acupressure and reflexology. In addition, it is performed with special techniques that support stretching and relaxing the muscles. This treatment will relieve your body from...

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  • relaxing-massage

    Relaxing massage

    This massage is highly recommended for those seeking an effective stress-relieving treatment and suffering from increased neuromuscular tension. A massage therapist will apply tranquil, slow, rhythmic and gentle strokes to...

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  • hot-stone-massage

    Hot stone massage

    It uses the ability to transfer energy stored in heated basalt stones, to key places on your body (chakras) and energy flow points (meridians). The strength and intensity with which the hot stone massage is performed is...

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  • swedish-classic-massage

    Swedish classic massage

    Depending on the intensity, the massage can be therapeutic, stimulating or relaxing. Massage techniques directly affect your skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, ligaments, joint capsules, as well as the circulatory, nervous...

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  • soothing-foot-experience

    Soothing foot experience

    Pamper your feet with a unique massage designed to restore vitality to your feet. The application of acupressure – a specific compression technique delivers relief and sheer pleasure.

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  • deep-tissue-massage

    Deep tissue massage

    Deep tissue massage is a highly effective form of work on the structures of our body. It is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and treat myofascial system dysfunctions. The purpose of this massage is pain...

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  • chinese-cupping-modeling-massage

    Chinese cupping modeling massage

    A perfect drainage & modelling massage. It creates a vacuum inside the cup, sucking the skin and underlying tissues and then moving it with movements of varying frequency and force over visibly problematic areas, such as...

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  • yoga-classes

    Yoga classes

    Mondays with yoga. Every Monday at 11:00 a.m. we invite our Guests for yoga classes. Previous booking is required, please contact our Front Desk upon your arrival.

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